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What Our Sisters Have Been Up To Over Winter Break

Recently our sisters had a few weeks off for winter break. We decided to catch up with some of them and hear about all that they did!

Over winter break I went to New Orleans to celebrate Christmas. This is a long standing tradition and is something I look forward to every single year! It was so great catching up with my family as I hadn't seen anyone in awhile due to covid. -Emma Pham

Over winter break I went to Europe with my roommate. I went to Paris, Amsterdam, and Dublin over the span of 10 days. This picture was taken on our walking tour of Paris where we visited many major monuments! - Sage Stevens

Over winter break I took member Kayla Sanchez to my hometown and she stayed with my family and I for a couple of days. We went to all of my favorite spots, including my favorite beach which I always visit when I am home. I had so much fun and I am so thankful that Alpha Delta Pi brought me my friendship with Kayla. - Noelle Malfa

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