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As Sisters of Alpha Delta Pi, we value leadership. Serving as an officer for Alpha Delta Pi is such a rewarding and exciting leadership experience that leaves a lasting impact on the chapter for years to come. Our officers serve our chapter through their collaboration, communication, organization and devotion. With over 40 leaderships positions available, we are able to create an environment that fosters leaders and strives to make a lasting impact.


Maddy Rametta

Hi everyone! My name is Maddison Rametta, and I am lucky enough to serve as Alpha Delta Pi’s Chapter President! My sisters call me Maddy, and they’re the reason I do what I do for this chapter. I’m so thankful every day to have been given the opportunity to work alongside other Alpha Delta Pi chapters across the nation, as well as the many wonderful and inspiring Greek organizations on campus. I’m from Tampa, Florida, so I’m a big sports fan. You can find me reading, at the gym, spending time with my sisters, or enjoying time outdoors. I’m a Human Communications major, and I’m passionate about creating a chapter environment that prioritizes open communication and honesty. If you had told me when I was a new member that I would one day lead this chapter, I wouldn’t have believed you! Now, I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to lead such amazing women, and I am so passionate about the growth and improvement of this chapter. I look forward to working with my amazing Executive Board, and one day hope to become a role model to the young women I am honored to lead. 

Hannah Pedreira
Vice President of Operations

Hi, I’m Hannah Pedreira! I am from Lake Mary, Florida. I graduated high school as a Junior and I am currently majoring in Health Science at UCF. Getting involved in ADPi has grown my interest in being in college and has allowed me to meet so many great people. Joining ADPi has given be the opportunity to grow a lot as a person. This chapter has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and has shaped me into becoming a leader. I am extremely grateful to serve on our Executive Board for the second year, this year as Vice President of Operations! I look forward to continue watching this chapter grow and to see my impact towards it! PLAM 


Chloe Mahnken
Vice President of Membership Experience

Hi everyone! My name is Chloé Mahnken and I am so lucky to be serving Alpha Delta Pi as the Vice President of Membership Experience! I am from Lake Mary, Florida and I ran home to ADPi in Fall of 2021. I am studying Political Science on the Pre-Law track, with a minor in Psychology. This chapter has shaped me into the person I am today and I am so honored to have the opportunity to give back to the chapter that has given me so much. I have loved every second of being in this position, and I can’t wait to continue this experience with the rest of our amazing executive board! 

Emily Padgett
Vice President of Panhellenic Relations

Hello! My name is Emily Padgett, and I am blessed to serve as Alpha Delta Pi’s Vice President of Panhellenic Relations. Last year I served as the Community Service Specialist. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to hold positions in this chapter and learn more about myself and my sisters at the same time. I am from Tampa, Florida and I love to go back home and spend time with my family. You can find me in my free time at the gym, where I actually work part time, laying by the pool with a good book, or listening to music which is normally Taylor Swift. I am a double major studying Political Science and Criminal Justice on the pre-law track. The skills I have learned from holding a leadership position in this chapter have helped me stay organized in my studying as well as working to involve the chapter in events all across the Greek Community. I love to make friends anywhere and everywhere that I go, holding this position has helped me do just that. I can’t wait for this year helping lead this chapter and learn more about the Greek Community. 


Hunter Capelli
Vice President of Finance

Hi everyone! My name is Hunter Capelli and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to serve as Zeta Omega’s Vice President of Finance this year. I am from Ponte Vedra, Florida and ran home to ADPi in the Fall of 2020. I am a Business Management major with an interest in pursuing a career in Sports Management. I have previously served this chapter as chaplain and last years Director of New Member Experience. This chapter has given me so much and I am so happy to be able to give back to the people who have helped change my life!  I have loved every second I have had in this position and cannot wait to see what the rest of this year hold for the executive board and the chapter as a whole. 

Kacie Faircloth
Vice President of Marketing

Hello! My name is Kacie Faircloth, and I am the Vice President of Marketing and Recruitment in Alpha Delta Pi. It has been such a blessing to call myself a member of Alpha Delta Pi, and an even bigger blessing to hold a position! I was born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida. So, moving from a small town to a city like Orlando has been a huge change, but one of the best experiences so far. I am majoring in Marketing and recently accepted an internship as a Junior Marketing associate at a local company. Marketing has always been something I have been passionate about, so holding this position means the world to me! I have loved meeting our new members and joining them in our sorority. I can’t wait to welcome more sisters this upcoming Fall 23’. Without the members of the Executive Board and my other sisters in Alpha Delta Pi, I would not be the person I am today. I am forever grateful for this sorority and everything it has brought me.


Anna Spradlin
Vice President of Event Management

Hi! My name is Anna Spradlin and I currently serve as Alpha Delta Pi’s Vice President of Event Management. I am so grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in this chapter. Alpha Delta Pi has brought me the most genuine friends and I can’t imagine my life without them. I’m surrounded by such an amazing executive board and I’m so excited to see our chapter grow.

Paige Moose
Director of New Member Experience

Hello everyone! My name is Paige Moose, this semester I was given the opportunity to serve as Alpha Delta Pi’s Director of New Member Experience. I am beyond excited to welcome a new generation of alphas into this amazing sisterhood and aid their transition to make it as smooth as possible.  In only two years Alpha Delta Pi has brought me so much more than what I ever imagined a sorority could. These girls push me to be active across the community and attend all kinds of philanthropy events that help people around the world. I live in Tampa, Florida which is not too far from UCF so I love being able to drive home to see my family on an occasional weekend! I love being busy throughout my days, usually in the mornings I will go to the gym before attending class and doing homework, in the afternoons I head out to go ride my horse that lives in Oveido, and at the end of my night I enjoy winding down at the ADPI house to eat meal plan with my sisters. I am a marketing major and hoping to go into more of the sales aspect in the future. Knowing my engaging personality it was important for me to find a major that would lead me to a job working and communicating with people. I give so much credit to Alpha Delta Pi for turning me into the strong women I am today, I have been given so many opportunities that have test me including this position, and I know with these girls by my side I can not fail and I know that I will only continue to grow in the future years. I am blessed to be working along side such a solid group of girls that I am proud to call my Executive Board and I can not wait to see all of the amazing things we will achieve this year!


Lauren Pearson 
Director of Academic Affairs

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren Pearson and I am so grateful to serve as the Director of Academic Affairs! I am a nursing student from Tampa, Florida and I became a member of Alpha Delta Pi in 2021. I enjoy physical and creative activities such as running, swimming, painting, and listening to music. I am a very passionate student, so I have loved every minute of being able to help my sisters succeed! Working alongside the Executive board, has pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to grow as a person and a leader. The skills I have gained here will last a life time. I feel so thankful for Alpha Delta Pi and all of the opportunities it offers me. My sisters are the best support system and being able to offer my help to them has been an honor. I can not wait to see the amazing achievements the women of Alpha Delta Pi continue to accomplish. 

Kelly Brueler
Director of Facility Management

My name is Kelly Breuler and I am so honored to be elected as Director of Facility management. These last few months, I have learned many skills from being on the executive board of Alpha Delta Pi that will carry into my professional career. I am a sophomore, majoring in Business management. My hope is to pursue a career in pharmaceutical sales or medical devices sales. ADPI holds such a special place in my heart, it is my home away from home. ADPI is where I have met my best friends and created the happiest memories. Holding this position, allows me to give back to this amazing sorority that had gifted me with so much. 


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Hailey Walek
VP of Member Development 

Hi everyone! My name is Hailey Walek and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to service Zeta Omega as the Vice President of Member Development this year. I am from Trinity, Florida and happily ran home to Alpha Delta Pi in the fall of 2021. I am a Nursing major pursuing a career in oncology nursing. I was previously the junior Panhellenic delegate and am currently also the Knight-Thon team captain. I am forever grateful for this chapter and everything that it has given me so far. I am so happy to be able give back to this chapter and wonderful community. I have loved being in this position so far and I’m so excited to see what it will hold in the upcoming semester with my amazing Executive Board!

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