Alex Berwick

"From the moment I ran home to the women of Alpha Delta Pi, I knew this would be the place where I’d become the woman I was supposed to be. This Sisterhood is so strong and so committed to one another. ADPi makes me want to be a better person and pushes me continuously to be the best version of myself. There is no place that makes me feel safer than in the arms of my Sisters. This sorority is my rock and my safe space that allows me to grow from love and encouragement. The genuine kindness I have received from this group of girls is something you will never find anywhere else. ADPi has shown me my potential and makes me feel special and important. Because of these girls I have truly become a happier person. They support me in whatever I wish to accomplish. I succeed every day because of this Sisterhood. They have taught me compassion, loyalty, and selflessness. ADPi was the missing piece that I didn’t even know I needed."