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Welcome to Alpha Delta Pi, Zeta Omega Chapter website! 

My name is Emily Padgett, and I have the honor of being elected as Chapter President for the 2024 year. I hope that our website will give you a glance at the life of a Zeta Omega, and highlight the things that are most important to us. Every day this chapter amazes me with their hard work, kindness, and devotion to their sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, and service. I am so thankful to be given the opportunity to lead this chapter, and the connections, friendships, and experiences I have been given are unmatched. This chapter has truly become my second home, and I can always count on these women to push me out of my comfort zone and accompany me on the day to day adventures of college life. 

In our About Us section, you can read a little about our national open motto, “We Live For Each Other.” Each member of our sisterhood embodies this statement differently. In our Sisterhood tab, you can read and see more about our family and our home. These women have formed such a close bond, and have truly made this house into a place to call home. The Philanthropy section will show you why we do it all, and who we do it all for. Ronald McDonald House is a cause each sister has grown close to, and all we do is for them. Our sisters have a strong presence on campus, and the Involvement tab will show you how we help our community. If you’re interested in why we are ADPis, or want to become a sister, check out the Recruitment section. 

I hope you’re able to see who we are and what we embody within our sisterhood through these pages! You can have a closer look at our day to day lives through our social media, and I encourage you to view some of the memories we have made that makes this chapter so special. 

Pi Love Always, 

Emily Padgett

Chapter President


Alpha Delta Pi

4207 Greek Park Dr.

Orlando Fl, 32816

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