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Finding my fam: Hannah and Ava's Story

One of the most exciting parts about joining a sorority is finding your best friends. Another part of being in a sorority is finding your big and creating a smaller family inside your sisterhood. Ava and Hannah decided to share their big/little stories for this blog post.

Hannah (Junior)

Meeting Ava was a huge part of realizing that ADPi is truly my home. I met Ava at meal plan and immediately fell in love with her! I was so excited to have Ava as my little and couldn’t wait to make her feel so special, loved, and cared for. She inspires me every day to be a better person for her and the chapter.

Ava (Sophomore)

I was truly lucky to have my Why ADPi connect to meeting my big now. My GBig was the one I spoke to on preference night and she truly made me feel at home. Once she introduced me to Hannah, there was an instant bond. We met in a giant group of girls but sat together the whole night and talked for hours. Having Hannah as a friend and a big has been one of the greatest parts of being in this chapter. She has helped me gain so much confidence in the past year and truly has helped me reach my full potential.

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